A Customer With One Of The Original ICEY-TEK Classic Coolers (PHOTOS and Story)

Part of the fun taking customer service calls is helping some of our customers rehab vintage ICEY-TEK ice chests to keep their coolers on the job. 

Recently we got a call from a customer named Gene who has one of the original ICEY-TEK coolers and was looking to replace some hinges.  After talking with Gene and his wife Wilma about the story behind the cooler I asked them if they would be willing to send us some photos and share their story in an email. 

Here are the text and pictures from their email.

"Jack, The hinges we need are the large size with 3 screws. They are pictured in the 1st link in your email. This cooler sat on the aft deck of a sailing yacht in the Caribbean since 2003. This meant being In full sun every day. The hinges were worn due to rubbing on the backstay, not because of workmanship. When we lost our boat in hurricane Maria this cooler survived and we now have it at our home in Va. After everything it has been through this cooler will still hold ice for 4-5 days. Thank you for your help and congratulations on such a great product. Gene and Wilma Cooke S/V GeWil"


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