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For Those Who Get It - Michael Anderson (Welcome Home Heroes Foundation)

by Patrick Mudge
Gold Star father, Mike Anderson speaks from Arlington National Cemetery welcomehomeheroesfoundation.org

For Those Who Get It - Anthony Myron

by Patrick Mudge
Anthony Myron owns and operates quite a few businesses and companies. He has his hands full on a day to day basis. He handles all this while he kee...

For Those Who Get It - Luke's Wings

by Patrick Mudge
Icey-Tek USA Presents: Fletcher Gill, CEO/Co-Founder of Luke's Wings, talking about their mission, background and current campaign "No Soldier Spen...

For Those Who Get It - Mount America

by Patrick Mudge
George Turak is a U.S. Army Veteran that returned from Vietnam in 1970 with a Purple Heart. He now resided in Pennsylvania and is the founder of Mo...

For Those Who Get It - Charles Strange (Michael Strange Foundation)

by Patrick Mudge
Charles Strange, Gold Star father and Founder of the Michael Strange Foundation. Charles Strange is a man who undoubtedly "Gets It". Charles has be...

Icey-Tek USA is ready for 2022!

by Patrick Mudge
With global logistics being a headache for many - Icey-Tek USA's warehouse is fully stocked for the 2022 season and your cooler is ready to ship wi...

Best Oxygen Bait Tank System Built Inside ICEY-TEK 120 Quart Cooler with Permanent 30/70 Internal Divider

by Jack Schoenberger
The ''Evolution'' of Capt Dave's Bait Tank ''100% Oxygen'' system. Adding a 2nd bottleinto larger area of cooler/baitwellfor live mullet and croakers.

No Deck Holes Cooler Chock For An ICEY-TEK 120 QT Divided Cooler

by Jack Schoenberger

Capt Dave of the JETTYWOLF posted this video on YouTube to share how he fabricated a deck chock for his cooler that avoided screwing anything into his deck.

ICEY-TEK USA and the Rotomolded Ice Chest That Started the Premium Cooler Industry Attended the 2020 Archery Trade Association (ATA) Show in Indianapolis Indiana

by Jack Schoenberger

Icey-Tek USA coolers CEO Patrick Mudge with Navy SEAL Fund VP Thomas Dzerian and the ICEY-TEK crew at ATA 2020

2020 is already shaping up to be a big year for Huntingdon Tennessee based ICEY-TEK USA as they attended this year’s ATA show and took the opportunity to showcase their premium coolers while also educating others on the Navy SEALs Fund and other military-focused charities they support.

Heading Into 2020 and the Official Relaunch of the ICEY-TEK Cooler Brand In the USA.

by Jack Schoenberger
When most people think of premium coolers, they think of YETI® as the American market leader. But what most people do not know is that ICEY-TEK® pl...

A Customer With One Of The Original ICEY-TEK Classic Coolers (PHOTOS and Story)

by Jack Schoenberger
Part of the fun taking customer service calls is helping some of our customers rehab vintage ICEY-TEK ice chests to keep their coolers on the job. ...

This Big King Salmon Did Not Want To Go Into The ICEY-TEK Cooler...

by Jack Schoenberger
[Video] This Big King Salmon Did Not Want To Go Into The ICEY-TEK Cooler...