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ICEY-TEK® was originally started in Australia in the late 1990s by three avid outdoorsmen who saw there was a market for a rotomolded polyethylene icebox that had the same ice retention capabilities as a fiberglass icebox but was more rugged and durable and able to be thrown around and even jumped on.

The first models were pretty basic with butt hinges, a locking device and lid lifting handle on the icebox. Over the next couple of years, they made improvements which included silicone rubber latches, heavy-duty self-locking hinges and a waterproof neoprene seal around the lid which made the ICEY-TEK® brand the preferred icebox among the other brands on the market.

It wasn’t long before ICEY-TEK® developed a line of long iceboxes that nobody else were doing at the time. These long iceboxes were designed for fishermen who could finally put their catch into an icebox without having to curl the tail or head up the side of the cooler. Campers and outfitters grew to love this style of ice chest as well and to this, day long box coolers remain top sellers.

Once the ICEY-TEK® brand started to cover Australia the owners received inquiries from several outdoorsmen from overseas countries that had seen the ICEY-TEK® iceboxes in Australia and were wanting to become distributors in their own countries.  Quickly, ICEY-TEK® distributorships were established in New Zealand, North America, the UAE, Hawaii, England, and Europe.

That is when ICEY-TEK® became the ORIGINAL premium rotomolded, polyethylene ice cooler available in the US market when it was introduced in 1998

For over 21 years many copycats have imitated ICEY-TEK®’s rotomolded manufacturing design and ice retention technology, but no other can ever rightfully claim to be first.  In fact, ICEY-TEK® has private labeled coolers for many companies including Yeti during their start-up years when they licensed ICEY-TEK ice chests to be labeled as their "Roughneck" cooler line. 

ICEY-TEK White Labeled as Yeti Roughneck Cooler

In fact, one can say that ICEY-TEK® is the ice chest that started the entire premium cooler industry.   

This circa 1998 ICEY-TEK® cooler below is still being used by ICEY-TEK® customer Joe Bunn out of Rocky Mount, NC.  We just sent him a set of replacement drain plugs this May, 2019 as he was prepping to get his boat back into the water for the upcoming season.

Icey-Tek Cooler circa 1998
Between 1998 and 2006 the performance of ICEY-TEK® coolers made them the US market leader and thousands of coolers from this period continue in regular service today.

However, in 2006, licensing and distribution agreements resulted in the Icey-Tek® brand being unavailable in the United States for nearly 5 years while still remaining the top-selling cooler in Australia, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. 

In 2011, ICEY-TEK re-entered the US market under High Performance Coolers LLC whose owner Stephen Holderness started to slowly reestablish the brand. 

Then fast-forward to April 2019 when our company, ICEY-TEK USA LLC, a 100% veteran owned and operated company was formed and acquired the sole distributor rights for ICEY-TEK® products in the USA from Stephen. 

The two top goals of ICEY-TEK USA are: 

- Grow sales and create jobs by introducing more people to the superior, dollar-for-dollar value represented by ICEY-TEK brand coolers

- Allocate a portion of every sale to support military veterans through vetted organizations, programs and activities.

The quality and performance of ICEY-TEK® coolers are evidenced by the customers who use them.  NASA chose ICEY-TEK® to transport temperature-sensitive space shuttle components.  Arctic exploration companies have used them to test freezing conditions on critical equipment.  Commercial fishermen use them for their large capacity and durable construction, and caterers use them for their ability to keep items both cold and warm.

Special order colors and Private Label Production runs for corporate identity, associations, team and college colors, etc. are also available with minimum order quantities and longer lead times. Send inquiries to