Salute to Summer Giveaway

Runs July 8-July 22
Prizes include:
8 Bulletproof Can Coolers (Koozies) from Premier Body Armor
25 Quart Cooler from Icey-Tek
Bottle of Horse Soldier Bourbon signed by Bob Pennington and Stephen Kofron
Premier Body Armor will notify the winner, send their prizes on behalf of each company, and send the obtained email list to participating companies

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The Team is growing...Supporting Veterans, First Responders and Common Sense Life. A real TEAM of Outdoor Patriots like no other. "For Those Who Get it" Top Left to Right, Bruce Mitchell, Joey Smith, Scott Brown, Mark Lambert, Peyton Aldridge, Ronnie Adams,Benny Elliot,Kristy Lee Cook, Jake Fullington, Michelle Cicale,Chris Davis,Paul Hebert,Josh Phillips and Dave Marciano.

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Shooting Hunger

Shooting Hunger

We have been proud sponsors for these wonderful events over the course of 2022. It's our mission to stay involved with our Tennessee community and ...

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